The Authors

Robert and David de Hilster are a father and son scientific team that started working together back in 1974 when they built a pipe organ together for David’s 8th grade science project out of an old vacuum cleaner, clothespins, fishing line, and bicycle tire innertubes. They then went onto building a time-lapse photography machine in 1975.

In 2006, the two started collaborating on on a model for gravity for son David’s documentary “Einstein Wrong“. After several insights in 2015, the two started work on the Particle Model.

Robert de Hilster

Robert de Hilster is a retired electrical engineer who worked over 40 years in the telecommunications industry as a researcher and designer of digital switching systems. In 2002, he retired and in 2006, he lead a team of scientists to construct an experiment to discover if gravity was a particle called the graviton. The endeavor was captured in the feature-length documentary film “Einstein Wrong- The Miracle Year“. After the experiment, Robert continued his work on Gravity writing his first book “Gravity is Not Free”. In May of 2015, he proposed a particle model for light and later that year, son David suggested they write a book together on a proposed particle model. Since then, Robert has authoring his ideas on his YouTube Channel “The Particle Guru” where he posts his latest thoughts and hacks using the particle model.

David de Hilster

David de Hilster is a scientist, artist, and musician who entered the world of critical thinking via his mentor, Argentinean physicist Dr. Ricardo Carezani who found fundamental flaws in Einstein’s special theory of relativity. In 2005, David started filming his documentary “Einstein Wrong – The Miracle Year“, asking his father for assistance with a Carezani experiment. Both David and his father continued to work on scientific papers in the area of physics, cosmology, and expansion tectonics via the Natural Philosophy Alliance and later, the John Chappell Natural Philosophy Society. In the latter half of 2015, after putting together many concepts David collected over the years, David suggested he and his dad write a book on the Particle Model. Since then, David started his YouTube channel “Dissident Science” where he makes scientific commentary on physics, cosmology, and the science media. David currently works in the super computing group in the area of computers and human language for LexisNexis in Boca Raton Florida.

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