The Book

Principia Mathematica 2 is a book that was published on August 21, 2021 by father/son team Robert and David de Hilster.

The Title

The title of the book was under the insistence of Amnon Meyers, close friend of David de Hilster. After much deliberating, the title was accepted by both the authors. Although the immensity of importance of Newton’s “Principia Mathematica” is known to everyone, it is the feeling of Meyers and both de Hilsters that this book represents a worthy extension of those principles and merits the title.


The book is broken down into three parts: Principles, Universe Hacks 1-3, and Universe Hack 4 and the Future. Part one contains the foundational principles of TPM and intuitions on which TPM is based. Part two details the foundational principles of the TPM from previous scientist’s work upon which TPM is based. Part two also contains the two authors’ attempts at describing the universe using the principles or “toolkit” of TPM. Part three talks include the author’s impressions of TPM and what they see as the future directions of the model.

This is the current version of the table of contents in brief for the upcoming book.

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