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Principia Mathematica 2 is a book written by father / son team Robert and David de Hilster which proposes a physical model for the universe. The book extends Newton’s classical mechanics to include the entire physical universe including light, gravity, electricity, magnetism, atoms, molecules, and more.

Robert Berger

I met David at our work place (LexisNexis in Boca Raton Florida), initially befriending him because of our mutual connection with Brazil.

When David realized I was interested in science, he presented me to a new world of dissident scientists. He first showed me his documentary “Einstein wrong”, and my first reaction was of course skepticism. But I personally had some doubt about Einstein’s relativity theory, and after watching his movie I began to get more interested in the dissident science world. He then presented me with the expansion tectonics (or expanding earth) theory. I immediately embraced it, it makes so much sense, it answered questions I personally had for decades; for example, the Pangaea continent sitting on one side of the earth while all the water is on the other side makes no sense. These two subjects, Einstein wrong and expansion tectonics, led us to having lunch every day to discuss our thoughts, and for me to learn more about David’s ideas and understandings. He has been very patient with me, allowing me to come to my own conclusions and embracing the free exchange of ideas, regardless of how ridiculous they might sound at first.

Discussing the expanding earth led us to question what is happening inside the planet. We naturally migrated to the world of subatomic particles. I don’t know how much of the theory David already had in his mind, but we engaged in countless discussions about the particle world. This is a testament to David’s kindness and deference, he allowed me to think that I was adding value and ideas to his theory. I guess the aha moment came to both of us when his father Robert presented us with evidence for gravity moving at the speed of light. I’ll stop here in order to avoid spoilers to the book. What I can say is that this theory makes absolute sense. As a layman, I’m not biased with science “truths”, I’m not afraid to embrace the theory, it will not damage my reputation. But I’ve seen people reacting to the theory with a ten foot pole. On the other hand, current quantum physics theory seems so weird that to me it’s not much different than believing in fairies and pixie dust. David and Robert de Hilster’s particle theory is understandable, predictive, and amazingly simple — it just makes sense.

Probably the biggest threat to the model is its simplicity. Intellectuals like to show off by claiming to understand the most bizarre and complex scientific theories, and when a theory can be understood by a regular educated guy, it threatens their status and even their academic and/or professional achievements. I hope the scientific community will embrace this theory and work to solve unanswered questions. As with any scientific breakthrough, there always are those who question it and present evidence to support their point of view. This is healthy, as long as the intention is to open, rather than close, the debate.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I do. Whether your are a layman or scientist, open your mind, throw out your preconceived ideas, and this will be a journey that you’ll not regret.

-Robert Berger Coconut Grove Florida

David de Hilster

It was on June 23, 2015 where this book has it origins. I was at my father’s home in Boca Raton for a “Meetup” on Gravity. The only people in attendance were my father, myself, and Robert Berger. When my father finished his presentation, we were having an open discussion when my father interrupted the conversation, held up his fingers, and described how he saw what a light wave actually was. When I got it, I went ballistic. I couldn’t believe it. When I get excited, I stand up and start walking around, waving my hands in a nervous fury.

Luckily, I took a picture on that fateful day. On the way out I turned to my father and said: “Dad, did you know what you did?” He said no. I said “you solved the wave-particle duality!”.

Months later, I came up with another insight that, in my estimation, electron clouds are made up of the same particle as light. The same particles are responsible for light and for the “Dinu Effect”. Now we have a model that can describe the entire universe from micro to macro.

I went to my father, tapped on his shoulder and said: “you and I are writing a book!”

After living and thinking and working with this model for well over a year, I have concluded that this model will not fail. It will only suffer deficiencies in our ability to apply the model to the unvierse around us. There is nothing “magical” to discover. It is all made up of mass in movement.

-David de Hilster Boca Raton Florida

Bob de Hilster

As I remember, I had finished my presentation of gravity and we were sitting around talking. Somehow I decided to interject a comment about light. I had sent a white paper to David earlier that explained the idea, but he had never responded. I was waiting for a time to tell him. So, I butted into the conversation and, using my hands, explained this new idea about light. David’s reaction really surprised me. He was talking fast and loud. He jumped up and continued his tirade along with waving his hands.

So, I butted in again and said to Dave: “It’s just a model!”. Dave turned around a said “Just a model?” And he continued on. It wasn’t until later that Dave told me his problem. He had been struggling for a long time, trying to understand how a wave could propagate over millions of light years, with particles bumping into each other as they went, and finally arriving at the Earth. It didn’t work for him. But this new theory of light solved the problem, and he was ecstatic.

As Robert Berger and Dave left, Dave said to me; “Dad, you do know that you solved the wave-particle duality problem?”. I replied: “I did?” It took more than a week for me to understand that Dave was right. And it only took one year for Dave and me to have the first version of the book. It was the most exciting and satisfying year I have ever spent. Five years later, our book is much more ready for “prime time”.

-Bob de Hilster Boca Raton Florida

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